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Welcome to my blog, where I post the story behind some of my most memorable sessions and client experiences as well as topics that I find important. Here you will get a sense of why I love what I do by reading the stories that my photos portray.

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Listen up, friend! Does this sound like you: You wake up to an inquiry from a potential client and your heart flutters with excitement about the possible booking. As soon as you’re able, you sit down to write them an email that includes pricing details (because that’s probably what they asked for). One week later […]

June 15, 2023

5 Tips to Convert Inquiries to Bookings | Photography Business Tips

Photography Education

photography business

Becoming a wedding photographer is no easy task, and one of the hardest parts is having a clear plan to succeed in an industry that is so saturated and overwhelming. Being a wedding photographer is no easy task, especially when you’re in the heart of wedding season and are elbow deep in editing, gallery delivery, […]

January 1, 2022

4 Tools to Create a Luxury Client Experience

Photography Education

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